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Worth The Jealousy Chapter 12

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Title: Worth the Jealousy
Pairing: Chlollie (of course) aka Chloe and Oliver.
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, and Hal. There will be other people mentioned or on there but for now those are our 3 main characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING. It's all for fun.
Author: Chlollielove4 aka Suses
Rating: I'll say R for now just in case.
Prompt: Chloe wants to be in a full on relationship with Oliver, but he has commitment issues. He runs away and later finds out that she isn't sticking to being 'single' forever. Will he fight for her or will jealousy be too much?

Chapter 12

Chloe had been in a state of shock. She had left Oliver that night, and went straight to her apartment. She knew that Oliver would follow her home, she didn't need to turn around to know that when she told him "I'm going to go home" that he stood up, nodded and followed her out to her car, and then still continued following her all the way home. She sighed as she saw him smiling at her when he got to her place first, sitting on the concrete floor right next to her door as he stood up.

He swiped at his pants, to take off any dirt from the floor and continued staring at her as she unlocked her door. She knew that Oliver wasn't doing any of this to be 'annoying' or be an 'overprotective friend' nor that he was crossing any boundaries. He just really wanted to make sure she was okay.

She wasn't in the 'talking' mood, and she knew that he would respect that. She could sense he was watching every move she made. He stayed by the door, not wanting to just let himself in. Chloe turned around to see that Oliver had stayed behind. She wanted so badly to smile at him, but it seemed almost impossible so instead she opened the door wider for him to know it was okay to enter.

He pushed himself off the side of the door and entered, nodding a thanks and receiving a nod back.

"Can I get you a drink?"

Oliver jumped at the sound of her voice, he hadn't heard it since they left Watchtower headquarters. "Yeah, that'd be great. Water is fine"

He stared at her as she walked to her kitchen, he was thankful for the nook opening on her kitchen area so he could continue to look at her just in case. He felt somewhat responsible, he never wanted her to get hurt or feel the way she did now, he so badly wanted to know what had been said there but he wasn't going to push her to talk. She would when she wanted to.

He hadn't realized that she had returned with a water bottle, handing it over to him. "Thanks." He mumbled as he saw her finally give him a half-smile. He'd take it.

She sat down with tea in hand on her small couch.

"May I?" He said, motioning to the seat next to her.

Chloe did a quick look at what he was pointing at, and shrugged. Oliver didn't take it as her being rude or that she didn't care if he sat down next to her, he just knew she wouldn't mind him plopping down right next to her.

They stayed silent for god knows how long. Though it wasn't an awkward silence, it was still a bit uncomfortable only because Oliver was hoping more than anything that Chloe would come out and say whatever it was that she needed to say over when they were at Watchtower.

"You know, when I was a little girl my dad would say that the world is much bigger than what we are, but that I was tough enough to handle anything that came to me." She took a small sip of her tea that Oliver would have guessed would be cool by now, but Chloe didn't seem to mind. He stared at her face intently as she finally spoke up after such a long period of silence. He had to move a little to be able to see her completely.

Chloe sighed before continuing, not looking over at Oliver, but feeling his eyes on her face.

"I never realized how untrue that statement was until now. I've handled so much stuff, and I have taken on so much throughout the years; including being invaded by Brainiac, having the wedding from hell, taking on as Watchtower and taking care of needy superheroes. I've never felt so small in my entire life." She said the last bit with such intensity that Oliver had to swallow hard, he looked down to the floor feeling so terrible at the words she was sharing.

"I guess I never thought I would feel so defensless and helpless." She finally looked up to meet Oliver's eyes and he looked even more sad than how Chloe did.

He pursed his lips and nodded "I don't want you to feel that way. I don't know what to say to make you feel better or if there is anything to make you feel better, but I do feel like I have the right to say that you are not helpless Chloe, I know I have no right to say anything to you considering how I treated you in the past; I feel though that I can be honest with you and be a friend to you, and say that I think you are probably one of the strongest people I know in my life. That's saying a lot too seeing as how I run with a pretty strong group of friends, one of them being your friend Clark who is literally made out of steel."

Chloe wanted to laugh, wanted to hug him and thank him for the kind words; especially considering that he didn't seem to be finished with what he was saying, but she still felt heartbroken. So she just listened intently to what he was saying to her.

"I know that none of this matters right now, with how you feel and all. I just know that you need a friend and since I haven't been a great one in the past; I want to make up for that. This Hal guy, I know what he did was wrong, the whole lying part about it."

Chloe scoffed "He explained the situation Ollie, it still hurts. I just don't know what to think anymore." She could sense he wanted a little bit more to that last bit considering she meant about Oliver and Hal and who she wanted to choose.

He raised his eyebrows "I understand that part sweetheart, I guess, and I hate myself for saying this because I am not on team Hal, but I can see his point on the part of lying to you to keep you; I would have done the same."

It was Chloe's turn to raise her eyebrows.

"I meant it in a good way." He said, hoping that her raised eyebrows were because it came off a little crass. Chloe's demeanor softened by those words and finally gave him a genuine full smile.

He put his hand gently on her lap, resting it there hoping that she wouldn't slap it away, and when her body relaxed against his hand he sighed. He wanted to run his hand softly on her lap in a reasurring manner, but he didn't want her to take it badly.

Silence fell upon them again, but now it was not uncomfortable or awkward.

Chloe placed her cup on the coffee table in front of her and leaned back to rest herself against the cushioning of the couch. Oliver followed her lead and placed himself comfortably right next to her. His hand rested against the inside of both of their bodies.

What surprised him was Chloe moved his hand gently to snuggle her body right against him, placing her head gently on his shoulder, so his hand was resting on her arm. He allowed her to move herself closer to him, so she was able to get more comfy. The smell of her hair was almost intoxicating; it smelled of fresh vanilla and cookies.

He felt her body sigh in comfort and when he looked down at her face she had her eyes closed and her hand was resting on his stomach.

Placing his hand on top of hers softly, and reaching his face over to give her a gentle kiss on the crook of her head.

"Thank you." Chloe said as quietly as he's ever heard her voice. He looked down and saw her now staring up at him, but still resting her head on his shoulder.

"For what?" He said, reaching his free hand and pushing her hair out of her face.

"For being here." With that she went back to her original spot with her hand on his stomach and her eyes closed.

He didn't need to say anything else, he understood that she just needed someone like him to be here right now with or without words. Right now, that's all that made sense and he understood it.


Worth The Jealousy Chapter 11

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Title: Worth the Jealousy
Pairing: Chlollie (of course) aka Chloe and Oliver.
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, and Hal. There will be other people mentioned or on there but for now those are our 3 main characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING. It's all for fun.
Author: Chlollielove4 aka Suses
Rating: I'll say R for now just in case.
Prompt: Chloe wants to be in a full on relationship with Oliver, but he has commitment issues. He runs away and later finds out that she isn't sticking to being 'single' forever. Will he fight for her or will jealousy be too much?

Chapter 11

Chloe stared at his face, the look of annoyance slowly creeping in her expression, she knew he could sense something was wrong from the way he tilted his head to the side. He looked at her up and down and then swallowed hard.

"What's up Chlo?"

He stepped forward but Chloe moved a few steps back, not allowing herself to give into anything he might do.

His eyebrows arched and he stared with wide eyes at what was unfolding before him, it seemed like he was trying to decipher why she was acting this way.

She shook her head. "I guess I shouldn't get mad before I allow you to explain yourself." She said, grabbing the folder and passing it to him.

He quickly glanced down at the file and then back up at Chloe, who looked like she was ready to cry. He didn't need to open it to know what was inside, but he was hoping it was anything but that.

"Chloe, whatever this says...."

"Please, just don't lie to me anymore." Chloe said, her voice starting to rise a bit, hoping she could stay calm.

He nodded quickly, finally opening the folder to reveal exactly what he had dreaded. Chloe knew his true identity and why he pursued her. He closed his eyes and pursed his lips, shutting the file folder not even going past page two, not needing to know anymore than what he already saw.

"Yes, it's all true." He said finally revealing what he had been holding back since the first time they met.

Chloe shook her head "So you 'bumped' into me that day because you wanted information?"

"No! Chloe, no. You have that part all wrong."

"Oh do I?" She said, wiping her eyes and shaking her head even harder this time.

"Yes, I admit I was looking for someone named 'Watchtower', I needed intel and I heard they were the ones who had the information I was looking for. I had been in search of who this person was, honestly I was thinking that they weren't real. It had been close to 3 months before I almost gave up, I really didn't think I would ever find out who it was or what it was by that point I really thought it could've been a thing and not a person." He said, crossing his arms, unsure as to what to do with them at this point. Chloe didn't seem impressed by his confession at this point but she did seem to warm up a little to what he was saying.

"The day I bumped into you Chloe, I didn't know you were Watchtower or that you had a gang of superheroes at your beck and call." He put his hands up in defense "Honest." He said putting his finger to his heart as if promising that it in fact was the truth.

Chloe bit her lip, hoping that would stop the tears.

"It wasn't until that day that you had to mysteriously leave to meet Clark that I found who you truly were. Only because my sidekick had accidentally came across some information he thought was important, and it turned out to be that Watchtower was in fact a person....you."

He exhaled and put his hands now at his side, unsure what else to say or do.

"I am sorry Chloe. I know it must hurt because you were honest with me, and I couldn't get the courage to do so. I wanted to tell you so bad, and I wanted to let you in on my alter ego self, but it scared me. I hadn't really shared this part of me with many people."

"I'm not mad that you hid who you are Hal, I don't expect you to just come out and say it; even with me telling you who I am and that I had all these superheroes that I helped, I didn't expect it."

"That's the thing, Chloe, I should have been honest. I saw how amazing you are with everyone else's secret, and you would do anything to protect them."

Chloe nodded but then quickly found herself shaking her head "Well see, Hal, I guess I need to know why you were looking for me." Hal furrowed his brow, looking a little confused at her request. "I just mean that you said you were looking for Watchtower, and you had spent so long looking for me, my question is....why?"

Hal nodded, he knew this was coming "Well, Tom; my sidekick. He came across some information a few months before I met you, that there was this group; The Suicide Squad. Have you heard of them?"

Chloe swallowed and nodded, she had in fact heard of them, they were a big problem in the JLA's life, but she hadn't heard their name come out of anyone's mouth for quite some time. So it took her a little by surprise.

"They were after me, I accidentally came across one of their paths and they weren't very happy with my green self. Next thing I knew I was being chased down by this sharp shooter who if I am honest, scared me a little. Well, Tom found that this Watchtower was one of the first to crack some information on their whereabouts....hence, the reason we are standing here now."

Chloe took it all in, knowing he was honest from the look on his face, and the soft eyes he was giving her. It still hurt, and the worst part was even though now everything was out in the open, all she could think about was Oliver. How badly she just wanted to start all over with him, but staring at Hal it was all very confusing.

"I know that my reasons don't make up for the lying or anything, or how I must have hurt you, but you have to understand that I never wanted to hurt or upset you. I love you."

His last words hit her even harder than she expected it to. Those words felt like ice melting on her skin. She closed her eyes, allowing the tears to pour down.

"I just...I need some time to figure everything out Hal. I don't know anything anymore."

"I understand. My feelings for you were always real, the only part of me that wasn't was that little bit about my life. I get wanting to hate me, Chloe, I get it, but please know that I really do care about you."

She closed her eyes and backed a few more spaces. "I think you should go."

She didn't need to open her eyes to know he had nodded and left shortly after. She turned her attention to the door that he had exited out of, and she was glad that she hadn't looked at his face before he left because it would have broken her heart. Everything he had said made sense, but it still hurt, if she was honest it was mostly because she hadn't expected that to be his answer. She had thought that he had bumped into her on purpose to get to know everyone and hurt them, but that wasn't the case at all. What hurt the most was not knowing if she wanted to continue with Hal and get to see where this relationship could go and know she wouldn't be completely 100% happy with him given that he wasn't Oliver. Or give up on Hal and give Oliver another chance, but scared that he would do the same thing he did last time and give up on them altogether.

Her mind was giving her two very different scenarios and she wasn't sure which one she liked the most, or which made the most sense.

The door opened before she could think any further on which she would prefer to do.

"So, what happened?" Oliver said, being the first one to speak out of the 3. They all stopped walking as they noticed Chloe's tears.

"See, this is exactly why I didn't want to leave her alone." Dinah spoke up next.

"Shhh." Oliver said, as he continued to stare at Chloe's tear-stricken face. "Actually, can you guys leave us?" Oliver turned to stare at Clark and Dinah's faces. Clark nodded in understanding and Dinah sighed, knowing it was another one of those that she wouldn't get, but knew they would explain later.

Chloe stared ahead of herself, not really paying much attention to what had been going down with the 3 over a few feet away. The next thing she knew though she was being pulled to a chair near where she was just standing, and a hand was pressed on the middle of her back, swiftly moving it in a very comforting manner. She knew it had been Oliver from the soothing way he caressed her, when she looked up she saw his face staring down at her as if he didn't need her to explain anything.

"I just thought you could use some quiet time, and I knew that Clark nor Dinah would give that to you." He said while shrugging, even though Chloe didn't need an explanation for his being here.

She sniffled and nodded, but continued staring at him. "Ollie...."

He shook his head "Shh, whatever you are about to say can wait Chloe." He said, even though he so badly wanted to know what she was going to say.

She nodded this time content that he understood her so well. Her heart continue to feel shattered in more ways than one, but one thing was for certain; she was happy to have Oliver next to her at this moment.


Worth The Jealousy Chapter 10

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Title: Worth the Jealousy
Pairing: Chlollie (of course) aka Chloe and Oliver.
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, and Hal. There will be other people mentioned or on there but for now those are our 3 main characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING. It's all for fun.
Author: Chlollielove4 aka Suses
Rating: I'll say R for now just in case.
Prompt: Chloe wants to be in a full on relationship with Oliver, but he has commitment issues. He runs away and later finds out that she isn't sticking to being 'single' forever. Will he fight for her or will jealousy be too much?

Chapter 10

"What?" Chloe said in a whisper as she looked up to meet Oliver's face. He had been staring at her as he sat close by, and she could feel the heat raditating off of her face.

They had been sitting next to each other, which Chloe actually wasn't sure how that happened, but now she sat here staring into his brown eyes.

She had sent Hal a quick message stating she needed to talk to him and that it was urgent, asking him if he could meet her at Watchtower; receiving a quick 'You got it gorgeous', which only made her feel worse about this whole situation. She wanted to 'confront' him about what her crew had found out, but she also wasn't about to do it in confrontational manner. She wanted to talk to him about it, and maybe see if he had a reason as to why he had in fact 'bumped' into her; the only conclusion she kept going over in her mind was that he in fact did work for someone that was against the JLA.

Clark had been on his phone on the next table, and Dinah had been typing on the computer and looking frustrated at whatever she had been typing since she kept groaning.

Here she was continuing to stare at his face, as Oliver had found himself sitting next to her and it was now a little intimidating as she looking into his eyes.

"Nothing....I just. I'm sorry." Oliver said, as he clasped his hands together and ran them back and forth, now staring at them, but quickly glancing back at Chloe; it looked like almost trying to read her expression.

Chloe furrowed her brow, not sure what he meant, since she could take that into many conclusions. "What do you mean?"

He shrugged, still holding his hands together, his eyes scanned hers as he tried to find the 'right' answer to explain what he was going to next.

"I guess I just." He stopped talking, he wasn't sure how he was going to explain that he had been in fact the leader of this. "I just don't like how it turned out, and I'm sorry he wasn't who you thought he was." Okay, so technically he did tell the truth, but he wasn't sure he was ready to open up about the whole truth. At least not yet.

Chloe nodded, looking down now, staring at the floor. "It's okay." She said, continuing to stare down and feeling her eyes getting glassy. "I guess I expect too much of the guys I like, and in the end they always let me down."

'Ouch' was all Oliver could think. He knew that was a direct punch to him, he knew she was only being honest, but it still didn't feel good. He wasn't about to whine that she hurt his feelings, because he truly deserved whatever she was going to spew at him, but he hoped she would try and see that he was sorry.

"Those men are idiots." Oliver said, giving her a half-smile, which she returned finally staring up at him, with her glassy eyes.

She chuckled lightly, wiping at her eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to throw that at you, I'm still just upset about it all, and knowing that another guy has lied to me in a way hurts. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but how can I?"

"Didn't you lie to him about all of us though?" Oliver shook his head as she stared at him with shocked eyes. "I didn't mean it like that!" He said hoping to recover what he just said "What I meant is, and I can't believe I am about to say this, and in no way do I agree with him because I still don't trust him and I don't know who he works for, buuuut, I mean as far as the lying of who he is."

Chloe closed her eyes, putting her hands on her lap and sitting up straight. "I'm not mad at him about lying about his identity Ollie, I don't care that he lied about that. You all do that." She said, staring back and forth at all of them, knowing that in the end it was true; all superheroes hid their identities for a while, until they could fully trust whoever they opened up to about it. "I figured out your alter-ego all on my lonesome, so I'm not mad at him for hiding his masked-self."

Oliver knew the answer, and it made sense. Chloe had been hurt in the past by many things, but this was at the top of her list since she didn't understand how someone could be so closed off when she wasn't as far as their personality went and it made complete and utter sense.

"I get it. You were upset about the whole lie of it all." Oliver nodded.

"Not just that, but if he is in fact working for someone that is working against you and the gang Ollie, I don't know how I could ever forget or forgive that. If he knew my true identity before he spoke with me, and he sought after me; it will hurt that much more because he knew my life was to protect you guys, I would give my life for your secrets." with those words Oliver nodded, feeling even more horrible about the whole thing. "I just, how could I be so stupid to think that someone like that would be interested in me?"

Oliver grabbed a hold of one of her hands that she had on her lap and with the other hand closest to her he pulled her chin up to look at him in her eyes "Shhh. Hey, look at me."

Chloe had her eyes closed when he brought her chin up, and opened them with his words and comfort.

"Any guy would be lucky to have you, and those of us who were stupid enough to lose you over something as idiotic as selfishness don't deserve you." Oliver said, feeling horrible when he said that because it was the truth and that meant he didn't deserve her either. He wanted so badly to kiss her, to lean down and place a soft kiss on her lips, but he knew this wasn't the 'right' time and not to mention Clark and Dinah were a few feet away.

Chloe still didn't make a face to show she felt better, but her eyes softened. "You are sweet...but."

"No, Chloe, I am talking about myself in this category and you have no idea how badly I want to make everything right and I wish I could turn back time. I don't deserve you either, but I will fight for you no matter what."

Chloe felt her cheeks blush, and hadn't noticed their close proximity when she heard a "Mmmhmm." with a clear of a throat.

They turned to face Dinah who had one eyebrow raised. "He's here." She said, staring back and forth between them.

Making both of them stand up and shoving her elbow on the inside of Oliver's ribs. Making him wince and open his mouth as if offended by her actions.

"Don't give me that look." She said, shaking her head "Don't." Dinah said in a whisper once again as he opened his mouth to protest once more.

"So, Chloe, how do you want to go about this?" Clark spoke up, standing up and joining them.

Chloe stared at all 3 faces, feeling like she was about to throw up. "I'm not sure. I just think it's best if you weren't here." She stared at all of them, but her eyes landed on Oliver's last giving him one look that read she meant him especially.

"What? No, Chloe, the whole point of you talking to him here was so we could be here too." Dinah said and then giving Clark and Oliver another side glance.

Clark shook his head "If that is what Chloe wants, that's what we will give her."

Dinah stared shocked "What?" She looked back and forth but both men were staring at Chloe.

Oliver continued staring into Chloe's eyes "Is that really what you want and need, Chloe?"

Chloe was looking at him too and nodded quickly.

Clark softly tapped on Dinah's shoulder "Let's go."

Dinah was lead off by both men, still with shocked eyes, and probably more shocked that they weren't fighting to stay either. What Dinah didn't know is Clark and Oliver both understood her more than anybody in the world, and when she said she was fine she meant it. They were going to give her the respect she has been asking for forever, even if it meant that they didn't like it. Not to mention Clark had softly whispered 'I'll be a speedlight away' when he leaned in towards her. Oliver gave her a reassuring smile and left with Dinah still shocked in tow.

A few minutes later, the door re-opened revealing Hal's face, his smile made her hate herself. "Well here goes nothing." Chloe said in a whisper to herself.


Worth The Jealousy Chapter 9

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Title: Worth the Jealousy
Pairing: Chlollie (of course) aka Chloe and Oliver.
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, and Hal. There will be other people mentioned or on there but for now those are our 3 main characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING. It's all for fun.
Author: Chlollielove4 aka Suses
Rating: I'll say R for now just in case.
Prompt: Chloe wants to be in a full on relationship with Oliver, but he has commitment issues. He runs away and later finds out that she isn't sticking to being 'single' forever. Will he fight for her or will jealousy be too much?

Chapter 9
"Wait a minute. Slow down, and start from the beginning. You did what?" Clark said loudly, making Oliver wince and Dinah look down embarrassed.

"You investigated him after I told you not to?" Clark asked, now stepping forward and getting closer to Oliver.

Oliver nodded "I'm sorry, but I needed to see if I was right. You know what Clark? I am not sorry actually, I mean I am because now I feel terrible about it, but I am not sorry about doing it. I love Chloe! If you don't understand that, it's fine, but I am going to do everything I can to not let her get hurt or worse for someone to hurt her. If you want to stand by and allow it to happen, that's on you."

Clark furrowed his brow, and stepped closer to Oliver, making it seem like he wanted to confront him in a 'fight' sort of way.

"Whoa, Clark" Dinah said, stepping in and putting her hand in between the two men. "I get being angry with Oliver, especially with those comments." Dinah shot Oliver a quick warning look and then turned her attention back to Clark. "I know what he did was wrong, and I helped him, so technically I am in the wrong here too; you have to understand that I didn't agree with him at first, but I do now. If you looked at the file, you would understand. If you want to fight him later, by all means go at it, but right now we need to get this matter taken care of. Is that okay with you? Or do I need to call Lois to straighten you up?"

Oliver laughed but quickly stopped as Clark shot him another look that read 'danger'. Oliver was thankful that Dinah stepped in and said what she did, but he also wasn't about to apologize to Clark.

Clark gave Oliver one last look, and looked at the file across the room on the table. He pushed past both of them, picking it up, swiftly opening it; revealing everything that they had figured out before.

"So....are we going to confront him or what?" Oliver spoke up, staring at the back of Clark. Not really knowing what he was thinking at this time.

Clark closed the file, placing it down and turning his attention back to them.


Oliver raised his eyebrows. "Excuse me?"

Dinah nudged him to not make it worse, but it was too late, Oliver was stepping forward.

"What do you mean, no? We have so much on him and--"

"What you have is a vendetta against this guy, Oliver! I'm not about to go on a manhunt for a guy that could be just like us, and we don't know it because we are too stubborn to let anyone else in our club."

"Are you even listening to yourself right now Clark? This guy purposefully 'bumped' into Chloe, and you are what? Just going to not even ask him?"

"And say what? That we investigated him?"

"Yes! If that means getting the truth out of him, absolutely!"

Clark shook his head "We need to tell Chloe, Oliver. You are the one that is not thinking straight. She has a right to know, and if anyone should confront him it's her--"

"Are you kidding?" Oliver said, now stepping even closer to Clark.

"Whoa, hold on, hold it Ollie." Dinah said, grabbing him by the arm, but even Dinah was not understanding what Clark was saying.

"You mean to tell me you would rather have Chloe go confront him rather than us? He could hurt her."

Clark stared back and forth between the two. "No, that's not what I am saying, if you would have let me finish Oliver, you would have understood I was saying that if she is going to confront him she should do it with us by her side. Here. That way we can make sure nothing happens."

Oliver backed away and threw his hands up in defeat. "This is ridiculous, Clark."

"That's fine you think so, but we stand for justice--"

"Exactly! Clark, my point exactly. 'Justice' means standing behind your people and defending them, not throwing them out to defeat it on their own."

"We would be here with her Oliver, you are doing this out of revenge, and I am not going to put him on the pitchfork because you want them broken up."

Oliver was about to protest, but he stood quiet. Even though he wanted to punch Clark at this point, he decided it best to just agree with him.

"Fine, if we tell Chloe..."

"It'll be how I say we do it Oliver, you are too hotheaded and I don't want Chloe getting very upset. There must be a reason why he sought after Chloe, and why he hid his identity to her for some time. I didn't tell Lois for years, maybe he was waiting for the right time. If he wanted to hurt Chloe or us, don't you think he would have done it by now? He had been dating her for over a month before he even came to Watchtower, and met all of us. I just don't think he is capable of hurting Chloe."

Oliver opened his mouth, but Clark shook his head "I understand Oliver, I get why you are so upset by this, but I don't want to be the ringleader for this witchhunt, when there could be an explanation. So, we need to call Chloe."

Oliver ran a hand through his already disheveled hair, sighing and nodding.

"I'll do it." Dinah said, grabbing the phone and calling her.

Oliver felt the pit of his stomach contrast.

"Hey, can you meet me at Watchtower, I need some help and I can't decipher this code. Awesome, okay, thanks." Dinah hung the phone up and stared at the two boys looking at her with expectant eyes "She's on her way." she said waving the phone.

"I'll do most of the talking Oliver, you are already in hot water with her."

Oliver rolled his eyes, but found himself nodding.


Chloe opened the doors to Watchtower and was met by Dinah first, and then Clark and Oliver next. She arched her brow and stared at all of their faces, they looked worried; which in turn made her even more nervous.

"What's going on? I'm guessing this isn't because you needed me to decipher a code."

Dinah smiled and nodded.

"Chloe, we have something to tell you but we aren't sure what--"

"What is it? Clark, just, you know me so well. Just spit it out. I know you so well, that I know it's going to take you forever to say what it is you want to say...especially when you are acting like this; so spill, what is it?"

Instead of staring at Clark's expression, she looked over and saw Oliver's. He looked even more worried than any of the other two. She gave him a half-smile, but he didn't return it.

"Here." Clark said quietly, giving her the file. Knowing Chloe it would take a second for her to know where this was going.

Everyone watched as Chloe scanned the pages and her eyes got wider as she read through.

"What is this?" Chloe said, with a hurt voice. Making Oliver feel even worse.

"Someone tell me what this is now!" Her voice getting deeper and scarier.

"It's Green Lantern...I mean Hal--" Clark started saying, but Chloe stopped him. "I know what it is Clark! Who looked him up?"

Clark opened his mouth, but Dinah put her hand on his chest to stop him from talking. She saw that Oliver was going to speak up but she spoke first.

"I had a bad feeling about him. I don't know Chloe, when I met him there was something off, so I looked him up. It was a simple background check."

Chloe put her hand up to stop her from talking. "A simple background check will not identify anyone as a superhero. You obviously did more than that. How could you do this?"

Dinah scoffed "Excuse me? You mean protect you?"

Chloe rolled her eyes "This isn't protecting, this is my business!"

"Chloe, hold on. Did you read further to see that he bumped into you on purpose?"

Chloe shook her head, wiping her eyes. She wanted to fight with them, to say that she was angry at them for going behind her back and not discussing it with them, but how could she? She knew that it must have been Oliver's idea, and the thought of that made her heart warm. He was looking out for her, but she was still angry.

"I get being angry, Chloe, but you aren't curious as to who he is working for?"

Oliver spoke up finally, looking at her. Locking eyes with her and giving her a look that read he didn't want to fight.

"Fine, if I do this, if I allow myself to see where this leads to, you guys have my back?"

They all nodded in unison and Chloe sighed. "Okay, lets do this."

Oliver sighed in relief, he was thankful she hadn't got more upset and he could see her relax by their reassurance. He wasn't sure if he should feel happy that she was willing to help them figure out what was going on with Hal, but he needed to stay calm.

His heart skipped a beat when Chloe brushed past him and he could smell her perfume. He closed his eyes as the thought made him weak at the knees.

"Are you coming?" Chloe said, looking back at Oliver.

Oliver nodded. Smiling at her and following her lead.


Worth The Jealousy Chapter 8

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Title: Worth the Jealousy
Pairing: Chlollie (of course) aka Chloe and Oliver.
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, and Hal. There will be other people mentioned or on there but for now those are our 3 main characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING. It's all for fun.
Author: Chlollielove4 aka Suses
Rating: I'll say R for now just in case.
Prompt: Chloe wants to be in a full on relationship with Oliver, but he has commitment issues. He runs away and later finds out that she isn't sticking to being 'single' forever. Will he fight for her or will jealousy be too much?

Chapter 8

"There is still a chance" those words almost teased Oliver now, he kept repeating them in his head and everything was just so confusing. He was happy don't get him wrong, but now he had to think of how he could prove how much he wanted to be with her. Not only that, but he was also in competition with her current boyfriend; Hal. Who let's face it, even Oliver thought he was great. He wasn't about to admit that to anyone, especially Chloe.

How, was definitely the question, how to fight for Chloe? He thought about asking Clark, but he seemed to be the worst expert when it came to girls. Somehow he found himself staring at Clark's face though and deciding he did need some adult advice.

"Hey" clearing his throat to try and hide the nervousness from his voice "I need advice." his hands swaying by his side, making this interaction even more awkward.

Clark had been staring down intently at his paperwork he had asked Chloe for yesterday, he looked up to meet Oliver's somewhat worried face. He hadn't seen Oliver like that....well ever.

"You, needing advice? Mr. 'I can do everything on my own', needs advice?" Clark chuckled at Oliver's roll of his eyes at these comments. "Okay, this must be good, what is it?" Clark said, eyeing his face, trying to get a clue as to what this was about. The only thing he could think of was; Chloe, he knew that Oliver had been upset seeing them together, but he wasn't sure that Oliver would ever say that willingly.

"Is it about Chloe?" Clark finally spoke up when Oliver didn't say anything.

Oliver didn't meet his eyes, he wasn't sure he wanted to, not knowing what judgmental face Clark was going to have placed on. When he finally did, he saw a different face he hadn't seen in a while; empathy.

Oliver nodded "Yeah. I screwed it all up." He finally admitted out loud to Clark. Clark had known that Oliver had obviously done something which is why he left, but he never really spoke about it. Now that he was back, Clark had just assumed he missed being in this city, but he hadn't realized the extent of it all.

"Is she why you left?"

Oliver just nodded, and shook his head, pacing in front of Clark.

"I guess my feelings were stronger than I had realized and now I am petrified because losing her seems more of a reality. Especially considering she is with that guy; I mean what is his issue?"

Clark stared at Oliver and nodded, even though both of them knew that Hal had been pretty great, and even a perfect guy for Chloe, but they just stood ther in silent agreement that he sucked.

"Yeah, he's....he's terrible." Clark agreed, trying more than anything to make him feel better.

Oliver chuckled ever so lightly "Thanks man, but he's fantastic."

Clark nodded again in agreement "Yeah, he is. I mean trust me, I never really liked him because I sensed he was hiding something, but the more I got to know him, at least from the times I did meet him he was great."

Oliver sighed, feeling the tension release a little now that he was able to discuss it with someone else. It had always been in his head, and he didn't really have anyone to talk to about this, he wasn't about to discuss this with any of the other members. Clark was the only one who truly knew Chloe as well as Oliver did.

"I do think he is hiding something though. Don't you?"

Clark shot him a warning look "I thought he had in the beginning, but I don't know man, maybe you're reaching."

Oliver shook his head "No, I mean it man, I am not saying it because I want to break them up" he said it, but even Clark knew he was lying.

"Don't give me that look, I am just trying to protect Chloe. Can't we get someone to investigate?"

Clark knew he was asking this particular question because their usual 'investigator' who looked into things was Chloe, and they couldn't very well have Chloe investigate her own boyfriend.

"No, really Oliver I mean it. Chloe won't forgive you if you go investigating her boyfriend. I know you probably still care for her, and want her back, but she has moved on. Maybe it's time you did too."

Clark walked over patting him on the shoulder.

Oliver wanted to scream out loud the words that Chloe had said, that they in fact still had a shot to Clark, that he wasn't hallucinating that she was still interested and had in fact not moved on or that he was still very much in love with her; instead he nodded, but crossed his fingers behind his back. As if saying he was going to break that promise.

"Fine, I won't investigate him."

Clark nodded and with that he super-sped away.

He scoffed and turned on the spot, grabbing his cellphone as he did so. "Dinah, I need your help. No, I won't be needing any of the guys, just you. Are you nearby? Okay, meet me here in a bit."

Before long Dinah had opened the doors to Watchtower.

"What is it, Green? I don't have much time, I am on--" She stopped talking as she saw his sulken expression.

"I need your help. I just need you to promise me that you won't tell anyone....especially Clark."

Dinah arched her brow "What? You know I don't like lying, but I am intrigued, continue. I'll see if I can help"

Oliver sighed in relief "Okay, well I need you to find anything you can on him." He handed her a file as he said this.

Dinah grabbed the file, still very much confused "Why don't you just have Chloe do this? Isn't that why we have her on here? She gets paid the big bucks for this Oliver, I don't."

He walked over to his liquor cabinet, grabbing a glass and pouring himself whiskey. Looking at the other glass and nodding towards her. She instantly shook her head.

"I can't tell Chloe, open it and you will realize why."

Dinah continued staring as Oliver took another swig of his drink and placed the glass down on the table in front of him. She looked down noticing once again the file, and opening it revealing what he meant about not telling Chloe. She raised her face to stare at him once again in shock.

"You said you wanted to help. So help."

Dinah stared still in shock, and then looked down at the papers and a picture in the corner clipped to them with Hal's face.

"What you are doing is playing a very dangerous game Oliver. I don't think I want to be part of this."

Oliver scoffed, rolling his eyes and taking the glass roughly, spilling some of it's contents and taking another long swig. Wiping at his mouth.

It was Dinah's turn to scoff. "You are unbelievable, you know that right?"

"Are you going to help me or not? I thought you didn't really care for Hal."

"I don't know Oliver! & I never said I didn't like him, plus I like Chloe. So therefore I am going to like Hal. You should too."

"I can find someone else to help me if you are not willing to do so, but I know that he is hiding something Dinah, I just know it, and if you don't agree with me, that is fine, I will understand; what I can't understand is if there is even an ounce of you that agrees with me, but you don't really want to because you think it's morally incorrect, that you don't even want to expose the truth to help Chloe out."

Dinah sighed, and shook her head. "Damn it. Fine, I will help Ollie, but that is it. I won't do anything other than do a simple background check and run some intel on his history. Other than that I won't pry anymore. Understood?"

He quickly nodded and finished his drink.

"This isn't about you and Chloe, is it?"

Oliver was staring down at the glass, moving it back and forth, shrugging as he touched the tip of the glass eyeing the rim; not wanting to look Dinah in the eyes. Her hand softly touched his arm and she squeezed gently.

"I get it. I'll help you, but you can't say I did when this blows up in your face."

Oliver nodded, still not staring at her.

"Alright, let me work some of my magic."


"Man, I really admire Chloe even more now. This is a hard job."

Oliver had been sitting down, with another full glass of whiskey in hand. He stared at the back of Dinah's head and smiled, the thought of Chloe made him happy.


Dinah looked over her shoulder "I'm sorry you are in pain."

The silence that fell after helped, she didn't need to say anything else to know that she did care and that she understood.

"You know, I never thought that I could love someone or feel this way about another person. I can't stop thinking about her."

Dinah chuckled and nodded "Well, I would say you are lucky to feel that way, but considering how every--"

Oliver was about to nod in agreement, when Dinah stopped talking. "What?"

Dinah gasped "Oh god. You were right....he is hiding something."

Oliver stood up so fast that he had forgotten how much he had to drink at this point, making him a little light on his feet. He had to grab his stomach to ease the nausea away. Not just from the drinking, but from the thought that he had been right.

That was the thing, he felt in his gut that he had been hiding something, but now that it was in fact real; whatever it was that Dinah was about to show him, scared him. He knew if he told Chloe, that this could possibly make things worse and she wouldn't forgive him. How could he justify what he just did to her? She wouldn't understand that he was doing it for the 'right' reasons, because from the outside it looks like he was just trying to break them up. Even he was questioning why he was doing it. If he was honest with himself it was a little of both.

Dinah turned to face him. Pushing the computer to her side so he could see what she was looking at.

"He's one of us....and you want to know the worst part?"

Oliver stared shocked to see Hal in his uniform and mask covering his eyes.

"It seems like his mission was to speak with Chloe, but it doesn't say exactly why....I think he was trying to get intel on us Oliver. That dirty little bastard."

Oliver's head started spinning, this was even worse than what he expected. His mind ran back to Chloe. This was not going to end well.


Worth The Jealousy Chapter 7

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Title: Worth the Jealousy
Pairing: Chlollie (of course) aka Chloe and Oliver.
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, and Hal. There will be other people mentioned or on there but for now those are our 3 main characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING. It's all for fun.
Author: Chlollielove4 aka Suses
Rating: I'll say R for now just in case.
Prompt: Chloe wants to be in a full on relationship with Oliver, but he has commitment issues. He runs away and later finds out that she isn't sticking to being 'single' forever. Will he fight for her or will jealousy be too much?

Chapter 7
Well Chloe was very wrong, it seemed like luck was never on her side. Her throat constricted as she walked into Watchtower and her eyes landed immediately on Oliver.

He was sitting writing something down, and concentrating on whatever it was he just wrote down.

She saw that AC was missing, but everyone else was there. All eyes were on them, and her heart dropped as she saw Oliver's expression. He looked like someone had just hit him in the face, she might as well have.

As angry as she was with him, she didn't want to hurt him like that; it was almost instinct. She spent so many years protecting all of them that even now as upset as she was with Ollie, it still made her want to go to him and tell him it was okay.

Instead she just stood there, hoping someone would say something, when no one did she touched lightly Hal's hand and pulled him to come in to introduce him to everyone....well besides Clark, who he had already met.

"Hey everyone, this is Hal. Hal Jordan. He wanted to meet everyone, so I thought why not show him our workspace."

Chloe looked over at Clark and saw his annoyed expression, and then back at Oliver who looked like he was ready to throw up.

"Hey man, what's up?" Victor came over and shook his hand.

Hal smiled back and took his hand gently shaking it back.

"You the boyfriend we've heard quite a bit about?" Bart shot back and nodded a smile, but Chloe could see he wasn't happy either.

Hal smiled at Bart and nodded, placing his hand on the small of her back; almost in a reassuring way, he was nervous.

"Yeah, I am. I'm finally glad to meet you all, this place is amazing." Hal said, looking throughout, and noticing all the computers.

"Yeah, it's all thanks to a certain tiny blonde right next to you. She's what's made this place great." Dinah said, walking over and patting Hal on the shoulder.

Hal nodded and looked down at Chloe almost with pride.

"Hey, man. It's good to see you again." Clark said, but instead of shaking his hand or acknowledging him further, he walked over near where Oliver was, almost as if saying he was on his side.

Chloe raised her eyebrows at him, and Clark shrugged very lightly almost not noticeable but Chloe saw it.

Hal nodded once more "Well I'm sorry to have crashed your day guys, I just wanted to finally meet my girls friends that she has so highly talked about."

Chloe smiled, but knew that Hal was only saying these things to make everyone like him, especially considering she hadn't mentioned most of them up until a while ago.

"Hey man it's cool, we like new people." Bart said, which Chloe again knew it was Bart just being nice considering they didn't really like new people at all.

Hal's eyes landed on the one person who hadn't acknowledged him at all. Oliver.

Hal nodded towards him "You must be Oliver?" it was more of a statment than it was a question, and Chloe felt her heart start to beat faster when she saw the way he stared at Hal.

Oliver nodded, but instead of shaking his hand or doing anything else he walked up to Chloe and stared down at her.

"Can I speak with you real quick." Shooting a fast look at Hal, noticing the irritation evident in his eyes "in private" He said making it worse.

Hal shifted in his position and pursed his lips.

Chloe wanted to close her eyes, to tell everyone to calm down or something that helped this situation, but nothing would be 'okay' at this point.

Chloe didn't know what to say, if she said yes, then Hal would be upset; if she said no, then Oliver would be upset. She wasn't sure which one she wanted to hurt 'more'. How the heck was she supposed to make this kind of choice.

Both men were staring at her, and her heart felt like it was going to explode.

"Um..." Chloe, looked at Hal and then back at Oliver. "Yeah, that's fine, we can talk." Chloe finally spoke up. Noticing immediately that Hal was not okay with that answer, like she knew he was not going to be. She needed to know what Oliver wanted to talk to her about, and at this point it meant more to her than Hal being upset.

She saw Oliver's face, and it read happy, which made her a little annoyed and a bit giddy that he was that happy to see her not necessarily 'picking' him, but deciding it was in fact okay to talk.

She could sense the tension in the room, and she could tell everyone was a little on edge with everything.

"I'll be real fast, okay?" She said, looking over at Hal, and placing a hand on his arm, trying to say it was all going to be okay.

He half-smiled, which she knew he was definitely not happy.


"What?" Chloe said, a little harshly, but she also wanted to get to the point.

Oliver had brought her to a small 'closet' type area, that they stored stuff they didn't really need but that one day they might. He saw her turn on her heel and say those words, it hurt him but he knew that winning her affection and trust back would mean she would be rude to him; he was okay with that as long as she wasn't with that guy.

"I just needed to talk with you...without someone."

Chloe sighed, pushing her hair out of her eyes that had fell when she turned quickly. She knew he was jealous, and the face he was giving her proved he still cared for her.

"Okay, fine, but what about?" This time, crossing her arms, but not in a pissed off way; more of a matter of fact.

"I meant what I said last night, I'm not going to stop trying."

Chloe shook her head "Well Oliver, that's all fine and dandy, but you treating Hal like that isn't winning you any points."

"So there are points I can win then?"

She groaned "Ugh! Don't, okay, just don't."

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry." He put his hands up in defeat.

"You are right, I get it. I was stupid for running away, but what I told you last night was true. I was scared, I had only felt these 'feelings' with only one other person and they were never this strong, and I think the thought of that scared me because I didn't realize how much you meant to me; honestly Chloe, the thought of one of my enemies trying to hurt you because they find out that you are with me is petrifying. I didn't want to lose you, but I thought the best thing for you was to walk away."

Chloe stared at his confession, in all honesty, it hurt more now knowing that he did it for those reasons. She thought when he left originally it was because he was selfish and didn't want to commit, but all this time it was to protect her. God, why did he have to say these things to her?

"I know that still doesn't make it okay, I get that. I don't expect forgiveness right away, but I need to know that I still have a shot to win your heart and trust. I know that is asking for a lot, but I need you in my life Chloe. I will understand if you don't want to be with me anymore, or if that Hal guy is what you want, but I think that you aren't meant to be with him, and I think in your heart you believe that is true as well. So, the only question I have for you Chloe; do I still have a shot?"

Chloe felt her tears starting to push past, and she didn't want to let him see her cry anymore, but at the same time the things he was saying were not only confusing her, but it was also almost exactly what she wanted to hear. The thought that Hal was standing a bit ways away made her heart tug at her.

"I can't. I need to get back, I'm sorry." Chloe said, wiping away at one of her eyes.

She could hear the disappointing sigh that came out of his mouth when she turned to leave.

She reached the door, and stopped. Something was rooting her to that spot but she couldn't quite place it.

She turned to see him still staring at her. His puppy dog eyes were staring a her in the saddest way she had ever seen them.

"There is still a shot."

She said it so quickly that she couldn't believe they came out. She gave him one last look to see that he was staring at her with wide eyes and those 'sad puppy dog eyes' turned into excited dog eyes.

Before he could say anything, she exited the room. Leaving Oliver standing there with a huge stupid grin on his face. "There is still a chance." he repeated those words slowly out loud.


Worth The Jealousy Chapter 6

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    A/N: So I got an email stating that I haven't updated my story, but I hadn't remembered what story they were talking about considering I've done a few different ones, and It's been so long since I've actually written anything solid. Well when I looked it was on this account that I hadn't really been on for quite some time, I mean the last time I updated you guys was back in 2011. I have to say first off, that I am sooooo incredibly sorry that I haven't written this story that I knew so many of you were really liking it. So I do apologize, and I remember how happy this story made me, so I decided to continue it almost 5 years later haha. So again you guys, I do apologize and I hope that you can forgive me for just not finishing it. Thank you to those who were so invested and an advanced thank you to anyone who will read this so many years after Smallville has ended and still love this ship. Also, please be patient with me, I haven't written Chlollie in so long that I am hoping I can still have that muse I had back in 2011. Thanks!

Title: Worth the Jealousy
Pairing: Chlollie (of course) aka Chloe and Oliver.
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, and Hal. There will be other people mentioned or on there but for now those are our 3 main characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING. It's all for fun.
Author: Chlollielove4 aka Suses
Rating: I'll say R for now just in case.
Prompt: Chloe wants to be in a full on relationship with Oliver, but he has commitment issues. He runs away and later finds out that she isn't sticking to being 'single' forever. Will he fight for her or will jealousy be too much?
Dedication: This is dedicated to greenlover_13 who won the contest.
Previous Chapters:

Chapter 6
"Chloe, helllloooo, babe."

The knock continued and Chloe felt her eyes heavy, and her pillow pushed hard against her cheek. She swallowed feeling her throat very dry, and blinking a few times; trying to figure out if the voice she heard was in her dream or not.

"Chloe, I know you are there, I heard your phone"

Chloe shot up, grabbing onto her head as the pounding of her pulse against her temple was bad. Shit. It was Hal, and the instant realization that what happened last night actually happened. Oliver had said he wanted another chance, and the pain of his voice made her close her eyes. How was she supposed to face Hal? He had been so kind and so great and last night she was the worst girlfriend ever.

Her ex-non-ex came back and here she was debating whether or not she would break up with Hal or what the hell she should do.

No. Her only thought was of the horrible things that Oliver did, and that was not even close to fair for Hal, he deserved so much more and she was happy with Hal. The only thing that scared her more than anything was not being as happy as she could be knowing he was not Oliver; maybe that was a good thing, maybe Hal not being anything like Oliver was the best thing going for him.

"Hal...." Chloe's voice finally came out but almost in a whisper.

Running to the door and opening it, she stared at a worried look on Hal's face.

"Hey babe." Chloe said, while trying to keep her calm and smiling at him, hoping he didn't see right through her.

"Uh, are you okay? I kept calling and knocking but nothing."

"Oh, yeah, I just had a long night after you dropped me off and I was really tired." She could tell he wasn't really believing her but he nodded. "What's up though?"

He chuckled "Um, don't you remember?" He pulled up the bag to her eye level to show he had bagels from her favorite stand coincidentally the same one they met at, reminding her that they had in fact made breakfast plans.

"Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry Hal. Can you give me a few minutes to change? I will be really fast, come in in the meantime."

Hal smiled and nodded, walking in and grabbing Chloe mid-turn by the arm and placing a soft kiss on her lips.

"I missed you." He said as he parted from her lips.

Chloe's cheeks blushed and she chuckled in an awkward way, not in a cutesy way that made Hal smile even more. Slapping her softly on her butt as she turned to leave.

"Hey, while you get ready, can we discuss something?"

Chloe poked her head from the bedroom and stared at Hal as he was sitting on the couch. "What's up?"

"We've been dating for a little over a month now, and I know nothing about where you work, or anything of that sort, I've only met a few of your friends and I don't know Chlo, I feel like I want to get to know you more. Is that weird?"

Chloe wanted to laugh like a normal human being when their boyfriend is super cute and asks such a cute question, but all she wanted to do was throw up. She knew this day was going to come, but how the hell was she supposed to tell him or even show him where she worked, when she worked for a bunch of superheroes, and those same heroes were her friends....so she couldn't even really show him her friends either.

"Um, I don't know, don't you think it's too soon?" She closed her eyes from her closet because she knew he would be upset about that.

"I don't think so."

Chloe sighed, she couldn't get away with lying to him much longer, not like she was going to be sharing every single 'lie' because she wasn't about to tell him about Oliver, but she had to eventually tell him.

She poked her head out once more, "Um how about meeting my friends first....mainly because most of them work with me."

Hal was staring at her, nodding at what she said, standing up and walking over to her.

"Ooh, but I'm not dressed yet."

He laughed and shook his head. "You don't really need clothes for the game I am thinking of."

She laughed, and it felt really nice because it felt like the longest time since she had actually really laughed and it was genuine.

He reached her and she stopped him from walking any further with her hand on his chest.

"Uh uh, nope mister. You promised me breakfast."

He shook his head, grabbing her hand and softly tugging on it, pulling her inch by inch closer to him.

"Mmm I think I did promise yummy breakfast, but I don't remember you saying how you were going to pay me back for getting up so early to get them."

Chloe's cheeks blushed.

She opened her mouth to protest, but her words never came out as his lips crashed on her neck; feeling goosebumps immediately throughout her body. Her mind still thought about Oliver, hoping that she didn't accidentally say his name outloud.

"Um, I think." she shivered from the soft kisses he was placing through her neck. "that." her voice stopped and Oliver's face faded.

"Yeah?" Hal said through the kisses. He stopped and stared at her face, almost wanting to laugh since her eyes were closed.

"You were saying?"

She shook her head "I think you should sit."

Chloe finally opened her eyes to stare at his pouty face.

"Buuuut, I want to play."

Chloe laughed "I need to tell you something, and it's something I think might need to be told first before we can 'play'."

This time, Hal furrowed his brow, he became stiff and now looked worried. The same expression he had when she opened the door, which made her not want to tell him what she was about to next.

"What is it?"

He sat as instructed but never taking his eyes off of hers.

Chloe sat right across from him, and took in a deep breath, she wasn't sure how he was going to react or act when she told him this, but she trusted him more than anything and if they were giong to continue she needed to be honest with him.

"You wanted to know about my work, right?"

Hal nodded but still wasn't sure what she was going to tell him.

"Well I work with superheroes....they are called The Justice League. I am basically their eyes and ears."

Chloe was shocked to see Hal still staring and not reacting like a normal person would.

"Wow, so you work with them?"

Chloe nodded, hoping more than anything she wouldn't run him off, but she wasn't sure at this point; maybe she did want to, but the thought of Oliver made her angry again.

"Yes, I can hack any server, and I am pretty quick. Is this scaring you?"

Hal instantly chuckled "No, actually it's impressive. I wish I had known sooner, but I understand why you hid it. Not everyone accepts them."

"Exactly! I guess I just am still that person that wants to protect them, I try and see the good in everyone and sometimes fail at it."

"That's a fantastic thing to have Chloe, I think you being protective is great, and if you work for them it means they trusted you enough to do it."

She nodded and smiled, feeling extra happy that he wasn't running out that door.

"Do you want to meet them?"

Hal shot up staring at her with shock that she would be willing to do that, but he also felt terrible. Here she was opening up to him about everything, which meant she truly did trust him, and he couldn't muster the strength to tell her the truth about him. He opened his mouth to say 'I'm also a superhero' but those words didn't come out, plus saying it that way sounded cocky as hell.

He smiled instead and nodded "I will go anywhere with you."

"um, before I allow you in there, can I tell you something else?"

He bit his lip, getting worried again, but nodding to let her go.

"My ex...well I use that word very lightly since we weren't really ever anything, he is one of them. He was in Star City, but now he is back and he is working at the JLA."

Hal felt nervous for the first time, he had felt worried before but that was only because he didn't know where Chloe was and then the other time he felt that way was because he wasn't sure what she was going to tell him. Now sitting here, he felt nervous because Chloe's face read she might still feel something and the thought of losing her scared him, more than he realized. He needed to be cautious of this mystery guy, and when he met Chloe the first time he could tell she might have been scorned by a guy, so he definitely left an impression on him.

"Are you in love with him?"

Chloe gulped, feeling horrible, because how was she supposed to answer that question? She couldn't lie to him, not when she basically just opened up. She was sick of lying.

"I don't think so, I mean, he is still in my heart but after you...It's hard to really understand if I still love him."

Okay, so technically she lied a little...but how was she supposed to tell him she was in fact still in love with him and she thought about him all the time even after how horrible he was. She also wasn't about to tell him about last night.

As soon as she said that Hal's face looked sad, she knew he probably didn't expect her to say that.

"But you have to understand that I meant nothing to him...."

Chloe knew that wasn't helping and Hal just looked more sad. This was definitely not going as planned, but she really wanted to be as honest as possible especially because if she took him to the JLA, there was a possibility that Oliver would be there and she didn't want to surprise him with that.

"Okay, that's not really making me feel better."

She saw him shift in his seat and her heart broke a little.

"I'm sorry, Hal, I just want to be as honest with you as possible. He meant something to me, I can't deny that, but I am with you and I adore you, okay? I just don't want you to be surprised because he works there, and I would rather you know ahead of time."

Hal nodded, but didn't stare at her, making Chloe feel 10x worse.

"Hey, look at me." Chloe said, getting off her chair and kneeling to grab his face with her hands and making sure he was staring at her.

He looked at her and smiled softly. "I'm sorry, I guess the thought of another guy made me a little sad, I don't like feeling insecure."

Chloe nodded and placed a small kiss on his hands. "I never want you to feel like that, I'm sorry if you felt that way, but can we promise to be honest with each other?"

Hal opened his mouth, again to tell her the truth but he couldn't bring himself to do that and he wasn't sure why.

"Yes." Was all he could manage to get out.

With that, Chloe was able to lead him to the headquarters which she was hoping more than anything that Oliver was not going to be there.


Worth the Jealousy Chapter 5

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A/N: Hey guys. Sorry I haven't updated. I have had crazy hours at work and school hasn't helped. It's all kicking my behind but here is a short update, but I will be updating asap so you'll have another one pretty soon after this so fret not!! :D Enjoy. I had another artist make me a banner but sadly it was too big :(, so I am not sure I will be able to post it for you all to see. So for now, it'll have to be these two. Enjoy!!!

Title: Worth the Jealousy
Pairing: Chlollie (of course) aka Chloe and Oliver.
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, and Hal. There will be other people mentioned or on there but for now those are our 3 main characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING. It's all for fun.
Author: Chlollielove4 aka Suses
Rating: I'll say R for now just in case.
Prompt: Chloe wants to be in a full on relationship with Oliver, but he has commitment issues. He runs away and later finds out that she isn't sticking to being 'single' forever. Will he fight for her or will jealousy be too much? 
Dedication: This is dedicated to 
[info]greenlover_13 who won the contest.
Previous Chapters:
Prologue, One,Two,Three,Four

Chapter 5


Chloe stood staring with her mouth agape at the man that had literally ran away from her. She had so many questions running through her mind but the biggest of them all was Why was he here?

"I didn't mean to scare you....but words would be great right about now."

She stared at him not sure what would come out of her mouth if she spoke.

"What do you want?"

She said it all too quickly and she sounded very harsh as she did.

He sighed, he knew she was going to be mad but it still stung.

"I just wanted to come see you....I'm sorry....."

She sighed and stared at him with her arms crossed.

He waited for her to say something, whene she didn't he felt like throwing up.

"Chloe, look do you think I can come in and explain myself?"

Chloe felt her eyebrows raise "Why should I let you? I don't think you deserve that, nor do I think I should let you in right about now."

He gulped and nodded. "I understand, I just thought you'd at least let me explain my situation...I know you are angry and I completely understand, I was a jackass...no I was a stupid jackass."

Chloe nodded as he went along but felt herself warming up to him, cursing herself as she did.

"And I just want you to understand that what I did....well it's a defense mechanism...I sometimes do that when I feel like I am opening up...or closing myself off I guess." He knew he was rambling and hoped that it didn't come off so dumb.

She felt sorry for him but she knew that she was still more angyr at him than anything. She wanted to yell at him and tell him to go to hell and shove it where it was meant to be. But something was telling her not to, something in her head...and that part ruled over anything else.

"Come in.."

He raised his head and looked at her not sure if she was kidding or if she had really meant it.


She rolled her eyes "Do you want me to change my mind?"

He shook his head quickly and walked over to her. He could smell the sweet vanilla scent that he loved so much. He licked his lips as he stared at her and waited for her to unlock the door.

Chloe opened the door and held it open for him to walk in first.

Oliver walked a little in and looked around. He noticed she had a frame up of her and the one guy before they were hugging and it seemed like they were very much in love. He felt angry but he knew he better push that thought out of his mind. He shifted his gaze towards her so he didn't have to stare at that stupid frame.

He watched as she dropped her purse and keys on the counter and then stared up at him.

"You thirsty?"

He nodded "I could use a water."

She nodded, grabbing two water bottles and handing him one. Their fingers almost brushed up against each other but Chloe had made sure that that didn't happen.

She nodded towards the couch and he followed.

They sat and Oliver cleared his throat. "I'm sorry...."

He knew that he had said it before and he would probably keep saying it until Chloe knew that he meant it every single time.

Chloe looked over at him and sighed. "Why'd you run away?"

He closed his eyes "God why did I picture this with music and candles?"

Chloe wanted to laugh and felt her cheeks burn red but was surprised that she didn't do any of that. She continued to stare at him.

He took a sip of his water and continued "I got scared..."

Chloe frowned "Of what?"

"Us! What we were becoming....I didn't think I could handle it. I needed space, so the only solution I saw was running away and giving it time."

Chloe felt her insides burn with anger "So you thought the BEST solution was to run away like a coward, and not even let me know? You didn't think it through did you?"

He sighed "No...I didn't. And I wish I had because it was the biggest mistake I could have ever made, but I'm here now. I learned from my mistake....can't we try and see where it'll lead us?"

She felt a little dizzy. Was he actually asking to get back together with her....well not really 'back' together since they were never together-together.

"Wait...you want another chance is that what you are asking?"

He looked over at her and nodded. "Please let me show you the man I can actually be....you were my only thought when I was gone. You invaded my every vision...you were the voice in my head. And honestly it wasn't something I wanted to go away."

She felt her cheeks burn red and this time she didn't mind. She saw the way he scooted over and inched towards her, the way his hand rested on her thigh and the way his other hand touched her cheek; caressing and running his fingers through her hair.

God she never felt so alive. She wanted to just pounce on him and pin him down, kiss him and hold him.

She could feel his heat on her and the way he breathed on her ear. "Please forgive me...."

The way he said this sounded so desperate like a little boy. Her heart ached, but she knew this was wrong. Only one thought popped into her mind...or rather one person; Hal.

She backed away from him.

"Stop....Ollie you can't do this to me again! You can't just come in here and ask for forgiveness and think that your charm will win me back....I'm with someone else!"

She yelled the last bit a little louder and knew that it had hurt him from the way he stared at her. It was like she had punched a puppy in the face. It was the worst feeling ever, but she couldn't just let him back in so easily.

He stood up "I'm sorry...." It seemed like that word mimicked him now.

She wanted to run over to him and say that it was okay...but it wasn't.

"Are you in love with him?"

He knew that he didn't really want to know because her answer would probably tear him up, he hated this guy and he didn't even know who he was.

Chloe bit her lip and stared at him feeling the tears starting to tear at the seam.

"Yes." She knew she had been and she couldn't lie to him.

"Maybe you should go Oliver."

He wanted to argue and tell her no, that he would fight for her. But he didn't have the energy, he knew he was going to have to fight for her silently.

He nodded, "I'm not going anywhere Chloe...just so you know. I'm staying at my old place and I'm going to be training with the boys again. I'll be around."

She gulped and inhaled. She stared as he left and felt the tears fall down her cheek. Why was it so hard with him...yet so easy?

She knew this was going to be so hard, she was still in love with Oliver, she knew that much...but what about Hal?

She sighed as she sat down with tears continuing to fall.


Worth the Jealousy Chapter 4

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A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a bit. School and work have been going crazy. So finally I wanted to give you a fun long update. Enjoy and once again comments are most appreciated

Worth the Jealousy
Pairing: Chlollie (of course) aka Chloe and Oliver.
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, and Hal. There will be other people mentioned or on there but for now those are our 3 main characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING. It's all for fun.
Author: Chlollielove4 aka Suses
Rating: I'll say R for now just in case.
Prompt: Chloe wants to be in a full on relationship with Oliver, but he has commitment issues. He runs away and later finds out that she isn't sticking to being 'single' forever. Will he fight for her or will jealousy be too much? 
Dedication: This is dedicated to greenlover_13 who won the contest.
Previous Chapters: Prologue, One

Chapter 4

Hal had cursed himself when he realized half a block away that he had not asked for Chloe's number nor for her address to pick her up at her place. He groaned at himself. He didn't want to admit this but the petite blonde had made him nervous, he usually was never this forgetful nor was he intimidated but somehow she brought it out in him.

He had turned around and ran as quickly as he could until he found that she had only been a block or so away from where they had left each other.

"Chloe!" He yelled her name hoping it would catch her attention. He paced himself and was glad that he was fit and atheltic thanks to a little training.

Chloe had heard her name but wasn't sure where it was coming from, she turned and was shocked to see Hal running towards her. He looked like he was sweating and had been running a marathon.

"Hal." She said his name with ease and stared up at him as he came to a stop right in front of her.

"I totally don't want to make you feel like I'm stalking you...which by the way you are looking at me it seems like you already jumped to that conclusion."

Chloe laughed and eased her expression "I'm sorry, I just....is everything ok?"

He exhaled and nodded "I realized I never got your number, or your address....I think those are two pretty important things...especially if I'm going to pick you up."

Chloe felt nervous and she wasn't sure but she could tell that he seemed a bit nervous too. She usually never made men nervous. She smiled and grabbed a pen that she had in her purse, pulled his arm out and wrote her number on it.

He watched as she wrote the numbers in and he couldn't help but notice the way her hair swayed with her movement. He felt so tempted to touch it, and pull her bangs out of her face but he knew it would definitely make her feel wary of him.

He smiled and stared at the numbers. "Wow I feel like I'm back in high school." She laughed and bit her lip.

"You can call me and I'll give you directions." He nodded but stayed rooted to the spot.

"How about instead of taking you out to dinner...I take you somewhere right now."

Her eyes opened wide and she stared at him, not sure how to respond to that. "Are you trying to ask to go back to your place and have sex?" She looked at him a little offended.

He felt so nervous and now a little stupid. "Oh no....wow, I'm sorry...I worded it wrong. I meant instead of having our dinner date later, how about we have our date now. I mean you are here and I am here....and I have nothing to do now, and I am assuming...or rather hoping that you don't either. I thought I would take you to this one place I really like and well....I'm kind of hungry."

She felt so ridiculous at jumping to that conclusion and hoped that he didn't think she was weird for thinking that way. "Oh...um well yeah that would be okay I guess."

He smiled and nodded. "I'll lead the way...."


Dinner had gone great, Chloe didn't know what it was about Hal but he made her feel like she could open up about anything. She still wasn't sure how to even bring up what she did for a living or the fact that she was best friends to almost all the superheroes out there.

Hal had been the perfect gentleman and she felt safe around him. He made her laugh and she couldn't help feel a bit of affection towards him. She knew that she really liked him, as he laughed she couldn't help but think of Oliver, it was silly to think of him and she knew that it was probably just having liked a guy right after Ollie. It still hurt and she was trying to get over it.

He had kindly offered to walk her home since they hadn't brought a car and they weren't that far away. Chloe didn't want to walk alone and she thought having someone like Hal around to talk to as she walked would definitely be better.

They had walked and talked as they walked. A few times they had accidentally bumped one another and their hands touched, their fingers brushing up against each other making them silent as if ice had stricken them.

Chloe had laughed a few times trying and hoping to make it less awkward but it didn't seem to help.

As they finally reached her apartment Chloe sighed pulling out her keys and looking up to stare at Hal. "Thanks for dinner and walking me home. It was really great."

He smiled over at her and nodded "Thanks for keeping me company and for that amazing date."

She felt her cheeks turn red and the way her body shifted on the spot.

They stared at each other for what felt like a long time, and Chloe finally broke the silence as she cleared her throat.

"Um so maybe we can do this some other time?"

He nodded "Are you asking me out on another date?"

Chloe rolled her eyes "Technically I didn't ask you out the first time, you asked me remember? But if we are gonna start being honest....yes I guess I am.....that's of course only if you want to."

He bit his lip and stared at her lips. "Well if we are being honest...."

He leaned in and kissed her on the lips so softly it felt so gentle.

Chloe felt her legs go weak but they didn't give out.

She opened her eyes to stare at him just looking at her with a gorgeous grin on his face. "I've been wanting to do that ever since I spilt your coffee."

She gulped and stared into his beautiful blue eyes. "Oh..." She felt stupid for mumbling those words but it was like speech just wasn't her best thing right now.

He chuckled at her and kissed her on the forehead. "I'll call you tomorrow gorgeous."

She nodded and watched as he left.

She wanted to jump up and down. She felt like she was on cloud nine, she never thought she could feel this way about another guy after Ollie, but it seemed like things were looking up.


One Month Later

Chloe had been dating Hal for over a month now and it seemed like things were picking up speed. He had become her everyday thing now. Lois had called Hal, Chloe's 'drug' that she needed everyday.

Chloe did almost everything with Hal, the only thing she wasn't really truthful and still hadn't shared with him was what she did and all of that secret stuff.

Hal hadn't shared his own secrets too and he wasn't just about to tell Chloe that he had an alterego. He had fallen for her and it was hard to keep things from her but he just didn't want to lose her. He wasn't sure how she would take it and he would rather lie then lose the one thing that kept him grounded.

He had used the term 'girlfriend' on several occasions, the first he had said it on a dinner date with her and some of his colleagues. At first he thought she would say something to him, but when she never did he kept using it.

Chloe had been the one person he turned to when things were bad and it seemed like she did the same. She had shared with him the guy she said had hurt her, and the reason it was so hard for her to date anyone, but he was glad to see she accepted him and let him sweep her off her feet.

They had had their second 'first' kiss on the balcony of his apartment and he still remembered the way she smelled and the way her tongue swiftly brushed up against his. It made him feel light on his toes.

And he remembered when he kissed her on the couch and the fact that she trusted him so much that she let him take her up to his room, where they made love for the first time. It had been the most incredible night and he never wanted it to end.

They had been sitting on his couch, Chloe had her legs propped on him and was reading a book. He stared at her and pretended to be reading his newspaper. "Is it good?"

She looked up over her book to look at him "What?"

He smiled "Your book, you look so intrigued by it."

"Well as a matter of fact it is, it's the on you gave me." She showed him the cover and looked at his newspaper. "Are you even reading that?"

He chuckled and looked at his newspaper "No...I was interested in a certain blonde, do you know her? She is awfully small and has a very sparkling personality."

"Oh that charming lady? Yeah I think I've met her, she has this really sexy boyfriend who she has awesome wild sex with."

He felt his cheeks turn red and he couldn't help but laugh. "Wow well what a lucky man."

She laughed a little and sat up, placing her book down and propping herself up straddling him on the couch. "Well I think he won't mind if I share."

"Mmm I don't think he will." He threw his newspaper down and grabbed her waist pulling her in, kissing her, putting his hands on her butt and squeezing softly while pulling her closer.

She giggled as he grabbed her butt and the way he pulled her close made her moan softly into his mouth.

They both were startled by the vibrating noise coming from the table. "Ugh perfect timing..." Chloe laughed at his comment and stared over at her phone. "I'm sorry...I should probably get that, it could be something important."

He pouted his lips and nodded. "Fine..."

She kissed his pouty lips and got off of him, grabbing her phone and staring at 'Clark's' name on the phone. She groaned and flipped it on.

"This better be important...."

"Chloe, we need you at Watchtower, somethings come up.....are you at his place?"

Chloe sensed the irritated voice. She had been upset with Clark for not telling her about Oliver but that had gone away when she met Hal. But it seemed like Clark was not a fan of Hal and neither was Hal of Clark.

"Yes I am, I'll be there when I am there ok? You'll have to give me a few hours. I still have to go to my place and get a few things."

"Fine just hurry." Clark had hung up before she could say anything else.

Hal had been watching her and raised an eyebrow. "I'm not saying anything....I guess you have to go?"

She nodded and watched as he nodded as well "Why can't you two just get along?"

"Oh what and miss the time to fight with the big guy?"

She rolled her eyes "What is it with you two? It's like you just never got along. If you are going to be a part of my life, you will have to get along with Clark."

He sighed "Well he started it."

She chuckled at his immature comment. "Okkkay you big baby." He smiled over at her and stood up "Come on miss funny pants, I'll drive you home."


Hal had walked Chloe to her door and stared at her as she rifled through to get her keys. "Why does it feel like our first date again? Me dropping you off at your place, you getting your keys?"

She smiled over at him and continued fetching her keys "Well because that is how special I am."

He smiled "That you are sweetheart." He leaned in pulling her close to him and kissing her softly. "Just like our first time." He whispered softly and kissed her once again.

As they parted she gulped "Are we still meeting up later?" She asked looking into his eyes as she still leaned her body into him. He nodded and placed her bangs back behind her ear.

"I'll call you later ok?"

He gave her one last kiss before retreating back to his car. Chloe smiled and had finally found her keys.


She jumped and screamed as she heard her name, dropping her keys and turned to see the one person she thought she would never see again...or for a long time. Her mouth had hung open and she felt her cheeks flush.

"Oliver....what are you doing here?"

He had seen the whole entire thing, he had seen Chloe get out of a man's car, watched as she walked hand in hand with a tall blonde guy and he hid behind a bush to see the way this man watched Chloe. He had never felt his blood boil as quickly as it had. But when he saw Chloe lean in and the way they kissed made him want to attack this guy.

Oliver didn't want to show he was jealous, hell 'why the hell was he jealous?' he had thought he was over it, but he clearly wasn't especially standing right in front of her.

"Hey...." was all he could make out as he stood in front of her. The woman he ran away from.


Worth the Jealousy Chapter 3

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A/N: I think you all will enjoy this one...well hopefully :D Also decided to try a new banner. I'll go back and forth between the two since I can't choose which one I adore more :D Both artists are amazing!!

Worth the Jealousy
Pairing: Chlollie (of course) aka Chloe and Oliver.
Characters: Chloe, Oliver, and Hal. There will be other people mentioned or on there but for now those are our 3 main characters.
Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING. It's all for fun.
Author: Chlollielove4 aka Suses
Rating: I'll say R for now just in case.
Prompt: Chloe wants to be in a full on relationship with Oliver, but he has commitment issues. He runs away and later finds out that she isn't sticking to being 'single' forever. Will he fight for her or will jealousy be too much? 
Dedication: This is dedicated to greenlover_13 who won the contest.
Previous Chapters: Prologue, One

Chapter 3

It wasn't like Oliver to not show up for work, and when she hadn't heard or seen his face in over a week she was getting worried...if she was honest with herself she was worried the first day he hadn't shown his face.

She had tried calling his cell and 3 other lines he had but it seemed like he just didn't want to hear from her. She wasn't sure if it had been the kiss or something they shared in that moment but from the looks of it, Oliver was running away.

She sighed and grabbed the phone. Dialing the one person she knew who could help her.

"Hello." A groggy voice spoke up on the other side of the phone, it seemed like they had just woken up, or from the sound of it, she had just woken them up.

"Lo, is Clark there? I've been trying to reach him but he and everyone else..." she knew that she had meant Oliver but she didn't want to say that to Lois. "haven't checked in at Watchtower, I'm getting worried."

Chloe could hear Lois yawn and sigh "Chloe, it's 3 am....Clark is doing rounds, you know that....is this about Ollie?" She felt herself go red and knew it was stupid given that her cousin wasn't even in the room.


Even over the phone she could hear the way her cousin rolled her eyes. "Chloe I wasn't born yesterday, I see the way you two look at each other AND not to mention....Clark told me about the kiss you two shared....before you go all crazy and start to want to strangle Clark, I should remind you that he is my fiancee....so I'm entitled to know...BUT what is more annoying is that you didn't even tell me Chlo!"

Chloe sighed and shook her head. "Lo, I didn't tell you because honestly I was embarrassed, and you know what? He isn't even here so does it matter?"

Lois pursed her lips "Wait Chlo...have you talked to Clark yet?"

Chloe groaned a bit annoyed "Didn't I just say I hadn't? What is going on? Am I missing something Lois?"

Lois felt a bit sick knowing she was going to have to tell Chloe this "Chlo...ugh why does Clark make me do these things...I thought he would've told you by now."

Chloe felt her stomach turn knowing whatever she was going to say wasn't really good news. "Tell me what?"

Lois paused before she said it "Oliver left....to Star City, about 4 days ago. He told Clark and said that he had some stuff to think about and that he wasn't sure how to handle things being in Metropolis. He said he had to go home and figure it all out there. He'd still fight crime, just not here....."

Chloe felt her heart shatter. Why had he not told her? Why hadn't Clark told her? She felt angry, upset, and hurt by it all. It made the situation real knowing that Oliver had left, and in a way that showed that he never really cared about her. Why had she been so stupid? She hated herself for feeling so crappy.

Lois heard the pause and sensed that Chloe had been thinking about it all. Why had Clark not told her about it? She was definitely going to have a talking with Clark when he came home.

"Chlo? You there? Sweetie, I'm so sorry that Ollie and Clark didn't tell you.....I should've told you sooner. I'm coming over there now ok?"

Chloe felt tears fall down her cheeks and gulped feeling sick to her stomach. "No please Lo, it's okay. Honestly, just if you come over here it'll be like I was dating him and we never were....I just want to be alone right now ok?"

Lois sighed but she understood completely. "Ok...but if you need to talk....I'm here." She hated not being more helpful and she felt guilty for not letting her cousin know about it, but she had thought that Clark would have told her that. It was something really important.

"Chloe, I know you liked him but I mean maybe you two weren't meant to be anything."

Chloe shook her head, sometimes her cousin could be a bit slow "No Lois you don't get it, he never wanted to be in a relationship with me....he told me that before, and I didn't want to listen."

Lois furrowed her brow and sat up straight. "Wait he didn't want to be with you? Was he on drugs or something?"

Chloe couldn't laugh at her cousin's cutesy comment, she usually did but it was like her laughter had dried up.

"No, he just didn't want to commit to anything...I don't blame him honestly."

"Wait so if you two weren't together....why are you so hurt Chlo?" She knew it sounded a bit mean, but she had to know why her cousin seemed so upset. She didn't have to be in the same room to know that this was bugging her little cousin.

"I'm not hurt, who said I was hurt?"

Lois rolled her eyes and looked at her phone. She paused and breathed in, how could she have been so blind to see what was right in front of her.

"Oh my god....you are in love with him aren't you?"

Chloe felt her stomach contract and her heart start beating faster. "What? No-no that's not...no."

Even a complete stranger would know that even as Chloe said the words she was lying.

She hated that Lois knew her so well. "I love him."

Lois nodded and bit her lip "I'm so sorry Chlo...." she didn't even know what to say it was as if wording wasn't her best thing at this moment. "Do you wanna be alone?"

Lois knew the answer even before she finished the sentence. Chloe nodded and she didn't even have to see the nod to understand. "Can you please call me later? I don't want you doing anything stupid....."

Chloe felt the tears falling "Okay. I will, thanks Lo..."

They hung up and Chloe sank to the couch. She had forgotten that she hadn't cried since that day that Ollie and her had gotten into that fight. God she hated crying.

Oliver had left and now it truly was over between them. She had fallen so deep for Oliver that it hurt to even think about him.


one month later

Chloe had done her Watchtower duties, and it seemed like this morning was going by very slowly. But something about it was different.

"Have a good day Miss Sullivan."

She sighed and grabbed her coffee to go at the corner cafe. It was a beautiful morning and it seemed like she had gotten back to doing everything perfectly.

"Thanks Morey."

Turning to leave she bumped so hard into someone they knocked her coffee all over her shirt and it seemed like all over themselves too.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry." She hated how clumsy she could be.

She hadn't even looked at the other person but as she looked up she saw a very handsome man staring down at her with a very sexy smile perched on his lips.

"It's quite alright Miss Sullivan."

Chloe frowned and looked at him questioningly, she didn't know why he knew her name but she gulped feeling how intense his gaze was on her.

"Uh sorry, I should introduce myself....I'm Hal, Hal Jordan." He extended his hand towards her. "I heard the guy call you that so I just assumed that was your name."

She couldn't help but smile at his comment. "Nice to meet you Hal. You can call me Chloe." She grabbed his hand and shook it.

"It seems like I spilled all of your coffee, and from the looks of it all on top of you." She smiled at him.

"Can I please offer to buy you a new one? It was my fault..."

He gave her a smile that made her stomach do a little dance. Why was he having this happen to her. It was weird to her but he seemed perfectly normal.

"Um I guess you do owe me a new one...and a new outfit."

he chuckled and nodded "What? I think coffee colored blouse looks great on you."

She chuckled and shook her head "Well I think I wear it well but I don't think at work the smell will help anyone." He smiled at her.

He ordered her a coffee and himself one, giving her the cup and walking her over to the table. He handed her napkins to wipe off the coffee she still had on her blouse.

"So Chloe, where do you work?"

She looked over at him. She wasn't sure how to explain the whole 'Watchtower' duties thing so she decided to lie instead. "Um well I guess you can say I help people."

He looked over at her and took a sip of his coffee "Like a counselor?"

She smiled and nodded hoping that would work. He smiled back at her "You seem like someone that would help others...."

She furrowed her brow and licked her lips taking a sip of her coffee. "Um thanks?"

He laughed "It's a good thing..I'm not so good with the compliments I guess you can say."

She smiled and shrugged "I think you are doing pretty good."

He couldn't help but smile at this gorgeous blonde in front of him, there was something feisty about her and he liked it. Not so many girls got his humor.

"So can I assume that your significant other would be jealous of you sitting here with me?" He knew it was a silly way to ask if she was dating anyone.

She smiled at his not so subtle way of asking her this question. "Well Mr. right won't be showing up because there is no Mr. right."

He raised an eyebrow. "Wow really?"

She looked up at him and cocked her head to the side "What?"

"Uh nothing, it's just I wouldn't have guessed you'd be single honestly."

She felt her cheeks turn red "If I didn't know any better I would say you were flirting with me Mr. Jordan."

He chuckled nervously "Uh yeah....how am I doing?"

She felt like such a girl feeling all giddy. "Pretty good...."

He nodded "Well I think I want to try that again and ask if you would have dinner with me?"

She looked at him questioningly but there was something about him that made her just want to trust him no matter what.

"Like a date?" She knew it was so stupid and probably immature to ask but she jsut had to ask.

He watched her and smiled at her cute little curved smile that she had on her lips.

"Yes...would you like to have dinner with me aka a date?"

She laughed and shook her head "Are you making fun of me? Because if this is how it's going to be I don't know if I'll want to show up."

He laughed back "Oh come on you can't say that my charm and wit aren't what is turning you on?" and he smiled at her.

"Oh you are so not fair showing that smile of yours....."

He laughed again this time accidentally brushing against her arm. They stopped what they were doing and looked at each other it was like they had connected. Chloe bit on her bottom lip and gulped.

He laughed nervously and ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair.

"So uh was that a yes to the dinner?"

She smiled nervously and nodded "Sure..." She didn't think she trusted herself with words right now and thought better to just say one word sentences.

He smiled and stood up. "Well it was very nice to meet you Chloe, and I will pick you up tonight at 8....hopefully I won't knock you over this time."

She smiled and stood up as well. "It was a pleasure to meet you as well...see you tonight."

He smiled once more before leaving.

She wanted to scream and jump in excitement, it was so weird how just a month ago she had been so depressed and now she was going on a date....was this bad? She knew she was going to over analyze everything.

She needed to feel good for once, and she knew that Hal was just perfect for it.